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Garden office construction
Garden structures - the perfect environment for work, rest or play
If you need extra space but don’t want the burden of cost of an extension, why not consider a contemporary garden room. These outdoor spaces create wonderful environments for so many uses; an office, a gym, a place to chill out, the possibilities are endless.

Installation and Construction
Firstly a timber deck is constructed to stand the building on which ensures a good air flow between the base thereby eliminating the potential for rising damp. Next, the frame is put together, fully insulated and wired internally so as to create a warm and stylish interior - there is no external cabling to clutter the finish. The ceilings and roof panels are pre-made and plastered ready to be assembled on site, additionally, they are internally wired as with the walls to make construction a simple process. Once all the elements are in place, the external, low maintenance uPVC cladding and internal laminate flooring is added.

The garden room is then completed with the addition of the uPVC doors and windows and a EPDM rubber roof, which carries a 20 year guarantee is fitted to ensure the structure is water tight.

There a wide range of options available such as the flooring and window frame colour and style. Also, the actual structure has a choice of styles to choose from to suit your circumstances.
Planning Information
Generally speaking these garden rooms do not require planning permission but there are certain conditions which have to be met to be exempt. It might be useful to review the full guidelines which can be found on the government website

Building regulations
The maximum size building that building regulations do not apply is 30 square metres so as long as your proposed structure is less than this, no special regulations apply. However, if the building is to situated on or near the boundary of your property, there are certain requirements that come into play. If the internal floor area is less than 15 square metres it can be placed on the boundary but if it is more, a one metre gap must be left clear.

Extra room guidance
These bright and cosy extra rooms are great for day use but there are strict guidelines on their use as overnight accommodation. Building regulations do apply if their use is likely to be for sleeping due to additional fire regulations. If they are to be used as sleeping accommodation, household compliant, mains powered smoke detectors with battery back up must be fitted. This can be carried out by your electrician.
Garden office construction
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